Persan Perçin

Persan Perçin is a rivet manufacturing company established in 1978 and is one of the leading rivet companies in Turkey. It moved its old workshop in Topçular to the İkitelli OSB region in 2014 as a more modern and larger facility. The company specializes in the production of various rivets, especially aluminum solid rivets.
With its experienced staff and modern production equipment, Persan Perçin offers its customers reliable, durable and perfectly functional rivets by using the highest quality materials. Persan Perçin offers products that meet high precision and quality standards.
Persan Perçin produces rivets used in many industries. Especially aluminum filled rivets are used in many sectors. These sectors include automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, metal structures, white goods, furniture, billboards and many more.
Persan Perçin meets its customers' expectations by offering products tailored to their needs. Persan Perçin gains the trust of its customers with its high quality, fast delivery and customer satisfaction.

Rivets, pins, washers, bolts, screws and special size products.

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